Renew, Resume and Reset the leader inside you.

5 min readDec 25, 2018

I would like to start this blog by giving a pat on your back for making your life so wonderful and beautiful as it is today. You would have earned, learned and burned so many things, opportunities, relationships, peace, people, health to reach till here.

I am sure in this journey you would not just have had love, compassion, and kindness for others and you would have also taken extra efforts to help people make their journey wonderful and beautiful as yours. You would have given advice or opinions to any question asked by your friends, relatives or strangers. All of this makes you feel that you are helpful to people to find the answers to their personal, professional, physical, financial or spiritual problems. And thus, you are appreciated and often referred to as the most positive and optimistic person they have ever met.

The above stanza is so good to read and I believe stands true for all of us. So considering the above stanza as a fact let’s ask a question to ourselves.

“Why sometimes the most positive and optimistic person does not have answers to their own personal, professional, physical, financial or spiritual problems?”

Many a time we are unsure about the most important problem to solve at this moment. And when you are unsure your mind accumulates all the unnecessary problems which do not need attention at that point in time.

Here I have mentioned 7 habits, which a positive person must practice almost all the time to recharge his or her positive account:

0. Accept

As learnership and positivity are your core habits, it becomes difficult to accept that negativity or fatigue has striked you. I would recommend you to take complete control of your situation and go for self care and self healing. You may choose to take up acitivites like spending time with your loved ones, reading a self help book, taking care of your skin and body, visiting an old friend, playing with your dog. You can do all of the above only when you accept that it’s time to heal yourself.

1. Take a small break — Spend time with nature

Mother nature is the most powerful source of inspiration. Nature is all about newness. Be it a new day, a new evening, a new night, a new season or a new year. It is filled with stories of overcoming, accepting, giving and taking back to and from the world. So, recharge yourself with nature. And when you sit in the nature, breath and respond to every small activity or thing you see around yourself and soon you will find a new you. Run behind the colorful butterflies, walk in the dense forest, touch the dewy leaves, pluck fruits from trees, watch the beautiful flowers, sit next to the river, look at the birds around you. Draw your own inspiration. I have not mentioned how all of the above things should inspire you. I say it again “Draw your own inspiration”, “Make your own stories”, “Enjoy yourself in the company of nature”.

2. Do not panic — Make time to reflect and take it easy

As I just mentioned most of the time when we do not reflect we tend to add up problems from the past and future which many a time neither exists nor should be given attention to.

So, when in problem please make sure to reflect and take things easy. Write down the problem that you can solve now. Many a time you do not have control over so many factors while solving your problem at that time “Take it easy”, stay calm and give it some time. Time heals.

3.Set goals and most importantly subgoals

Many times we are very definite and clear about setting our goals but the most important thing that we often forget to do is set subgoals.

Yes, always break your tasks into small subtasks, set soft deadlines, maintain a requirement sheet for every job. When we do not have subgoals we tend to lose focus, interest, motive and most importantly inspiration to achieve every day. We, humans, are found of achieving new heights accompanied with satisfaction and appreciation. With subgoals, you can have all of it every, set subgoals.

4. Laugh, Laugh, and Laugh

“Laughter is the best medicine”.Laughter is like your SOS medicine when in tension or any problem. It can help you immediately. Not just it lifts your mood but also starts very rapid blood flow to all parts of your body thus providing it oxygenated blood. Watch a funny video, look back into your college photo albums, make friends with people who laugh more, join a laughter club, try to sing or mimic. All I want to say, my friend, “Laugh”.

5.Exercise and detox your body

“You look and feel what you eat and what you ate ”. Yes, two things that you must take up today without any delays are exercise and detox. Choose a physical activity that you enjoy and change today to a detox lifestyle. You must have watched “n” number of videos on the above topic. But my suggestion is always to plan your exercise and detox lifestyle in such a way that you choose not only the things you are comfortable with but also add up the challenging activities, like weight lifting or making a habit to wake up at 5:00 am every day. Make efforts and amaze yourself. Push your boundaries.

6. Take responsibility but never forget to ask for help

Taking responsibility is appreciable but overburdening yourself is unsmart. Learn to delegate and ask for help. This will help you to think better and wider. It will help you to achieve fast and smart as you take up the task you can do better and delegate what others can do better.

In this way, you can enjoy your work and not get drained. As we grow older we refrain to ask questions, share our problems, ask for help, ask for advice due to multiple reasons. But to win I request you to keep the mind and heart of a child. A child is never shy or afraid to ask for help and a child is always helped. Children mindset is used as an analogy to refer to the times when you take up new assignments to work and you may receive help from people. I have personally met people who took significant efforts to solve my problems.

My dear friends, these are some 7 points which I found will help you to renew, resume and reset the positive leader inside you. I would love to know what you do to keep yourself positive all the time. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.




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